Qualitative and Mixed Methods

MacQueen, Kathleen M. & Milstein, Bobby (1999)

A Systems Approach to Qualitative Data Management and Analysis
Field Methods, 11(1): 27-39
Description: Introduces and illustrates a systematic approach to qualitative data management from a database architecture perspective. Discusses four main types of information collected in qualitative research: information about primary sources, information from primary sources, secondary information generated by coders, and information about the coders and how quantitative approaches can be used to evaluate qualitative analysis.

Guest, Greg & McLellan, Eleanor (2003)

Distinguishing the Trees from the Forest: Applying Cluster Analysis to Thematic Qualitative Data
Field Methods, 15(2): 186-201
Description: Introduces and Illustrates the use of cluster analysis in aiding the analysis of large qualitative data sets through a hierarchical technique that can be applied in a multistage thematic analysis.

Bryman, A. (2007)

Barriers to integrating quantitative and qualitative research
Journal of Mixed Methods Research, 1(1): 8-22
Description: Challenges to integrating mixed methods data and strategy for writing mixed methods research articles

Bernard, H. Russell & Ryan, Gery W. (1998)

Text Analysis: Qualitative and Quantitative Methods
In H. Russell Bernard (Ed.) Handbook of Methods in Cultural Anthropology, pp. 595-646. Walnut Creek, CA: Altamira Press
Description: Complete presentation and discussion of steps and strategies for analyzing text from a variety of qualitative research orientations

Bazeley, Patricia (2009)

Integrating data analysis in mixed methods research
Journal of Mixed Methods Research, 3(3), 203-207
Description: Encourages a thinking about mixed methods work based on a qualitative-quantitative continuum. Focuses primarily on strategy for mixed methods data analysis at various stages of the process rather than just integration at the end. Discusses the use of computer solutions to assist in the process.


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