A typology of mixed methods sampling designs in social science research

Onwuegbuzie, Anthony J. & Collins, K. M. T. (2007) The Qualitative Report, 12(2), 281-316 Description: Introduces a framework for developing sampling designs in mixed methods research. Discusses sample frames, recommended sample sizes, a typology for classification of strategies, guidance for sampling decisions, and issues related to how sampling decisions impact generalization.

A mixed methods investigation of mixed methods sampling designs in social and health science research

Collins, Kathleen M. T., Onwuegbuzie, Anthony J., & Jiao, Qun G. (2007)(2007) Journal of Mixed Methods Research, 1(3), 267-294 Description: Presents a two-dimensional model (time orientation—concurrent vs. sequential and the relationship between the qualitative and quantitative samples—identical, nested, multilevel, and parallel) for classifying mixed methods studies sampling designs. Presents and discusses findings from the distribution of 121 studies into the model and the relative appropriateness of the employed strategy.

Mitchell, Sandra K. (1979)

Interobserver agreement, reliability, and generalizability of data collected in observational studies
Psychological Bulletin, 86(2): 376-390
Description: Discusses reliability and generalizability in terms of coefficients that reflect the "quality" of data, what defines quality data, and how reports of agreement are insufficient.

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