Computer Solutions

EthnoNotes: An Internet-based fieldnote management tool

Lieber, Eli, Weisner, Thomas S., & Presley, Matthew (2003) Field Methods, 15(4): 405-425 Description: Introduces and describes the EthnoNotes system for managing, coding, analyzing, and presenting the results of mixed methods research

Managing Data in CAQDAS

Fielding, Nigel & Lee, Ray M. (1998) Chapter 4 in Fielding & Lee, Computer Analysis and Qualitative Research, pp. 86-118. Description: A thorough narrative discussion of the use and issue related to computer assisted qualitative data analysis.

Unleashing Frankenstein’s Monster? The use of computers in qualitative research.

Hesse-Biber, Sharlene (2004) In H. R. Bernard (Ed.), Handbook of Methods in Cultural Anthropology, pp. 549-593. In S. N. Hesse-Biber and P. Leavy (Eds.), Approaches to Qualitative Research: A Reader on Theory and Practice, pp. 535-545. New York, NY: Oxford University Press. Description: Presents and discusses issues and controversy related to the use of computers in qualitative research. What are the benefits and trade-offs when working from a variety of perspectives.

Bazeley, Patricia (2009)

Integrating data analysis in mixed methods research
Journal of Mixed Methods Research, 3(3), 203-207
Description: Encourages a thinking about mixed methods work based on a qualitative-quantitative continuum. Focuses primarily on strategy for mixed methods data analysis at various stages of the process rather than just integration at the end. Discusses the use of computer solutions to assist in the process.

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