March 2010 Workshop on Mixed Methods Research in Washington, DC

Grantees of the William T. Grant Foundation held a workshop on Mixed Methods Research on March 2-3, 2010 in Washington, DC. This workshop was hosted by the W.T. Grant Foundation and the Forum for Youth Investment. In addition to presentations about nesting qualitative research within large-scale experiments, integrating qualitative and quantitative analyses, and exploring a range of qualitative methods in the context of mixed methods work, we also offered several workshops based on topics of interest to participants, which included the following:



  • Interviewing methods
  • Coding and analysis
  • Writing up and publishing mixed methods work
  • Mixed methods proposal development
  • Integration of qualitative and quantitative data
  • Measure development (building survey measures from qualitative data)
  • Launching large-scale mixed methods studies
  • Managing mixed methods research teams
  • Qualitative data analysis software
  • Sampling design
  • Epistemology of mixed methods research
  • Beyond interviewing: other qualitative methods
  • Reliability assessment of qualitative data
  • Specific applications of mixed methods within various disciplines (e.g. education; family studies; economics; clinical/interventions
  • Timing: when to use qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods across a study
Monday, March 1, 2010