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The William T. Grant Scholars Mixed Method Consultation Program offers consultations to Foundation Scholars and selected grantees doing mixed methods work. There is steady and increasing interest among our WT Grant Scholars and many grantees in using mixed methods in their research. We are supporting mixed methods work through direct consultation, capacity-building meetings, and information on this website.

Some of the topics that would be appropriate for a consultation request include (but are not limited to):

  • Use of software and other tools for qualitative data analysis (choosing packages or web-based solutions)
  • Qualitative data collection, management, and analysis techniques (e.g., fieldwork, field notes, interviewing protocols, interviewing techniques, indexing and coding text, reliability)
  • Strategy and techniques for integrating qualitative and quantitative data (case and excerpt selection, ranking and rating of qualitative data, combining with quantitative evidence)
  • Reference in qualitative and mixed methods research literature
  • Referral to other researchers specializing in particular methods and to the substantive topics grantees are working on
  • Drafting reports, articles, and chapters for publications that will include mixed methods research
  • Preparing grant applications that propose mixed methods research (describing qualitative methods, mixed methods design and sampling, analysis plans, hypothesis generation and testing)
  • Using mixed methods in teaching and mentoring students and post-docs.
  • Forming and sustaining research teams that are collectively using mixed methods (training, distinguishing and integrating research roles in studies, integrating data, team management)
  • "Standards of evaluation" for qualiative and quantitative research both jointly and individually as fields of methods
  • How to formulate interview questions and measures to optimize the synergy between the data they provide
  • The varieties of qualitative methods; epistemological questions

Funding for the William T. Grant Scholars Mixed Method Consultation Program is supported by the WT Grant Foundation by a grant to the UCLA Fieldwork Laboratory.